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​​​​​​​​  BEST Events 2024 


Kickoff - TBD

​Practice Day - TBD

Game Day - TBD

Denver Regional -TBD



Award Descriptions

BEST Award
Awarded to the team that best embodies the concept of Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology. Winning the BEST Award is considered the highest achievement any team in the competition can accomplish. First, second, and third place finishes will be awarded.

Game Award
Awarded to the teams whose machines finish first, second and third in the robot competition.

Founders Award for Creative Design
Awarded to the team that makes best use of the engineering process in consideration of offensive and defensive capabilities in machine design; awarded in recognition of BEST founders Steve Marum and Ted Mahler.

Most Robust Machine
Awarded to the team whose robot demonstrates excellent reliability and minimum maintenance during the robot competition.

- - - - - Front Range BEST Special Awards - - - - -

Sportsmanship Award
Awarded to the team displaying the best attributes of sportsmanship and enthusiasm during the competition. It is selected by the student teams.

Outreach Award
Awarded to the team that exemplifies the BEST outreach into the community through demonstrations and presentations to businesses, schools and other community groups.

BEST Engineering Notebook Award
Awarded to the team whose Project Engineering Notebook has the highest score.

Presentation Award

Awarded to the team that most enthusiastically engages, informs and markets their "BEST Product" to the target audience using technology and research in a professional manner.

Most Creative Exhibit Award

Awarded to the team that creatively integrates the BEST theme into their exhibit using innovative and interactive methods.

BEST T-Shirt Award