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​​​​​​​​  BEST Events 2024 


Kickoff - TBD

​Practice Day - TBD

Game Day - TBD

Denver Regional -TBD



Our History
  • Established in 2014, Front Range BEST is an all-volunteer organization that hosts an annual robotics and business competition for middle and high school students in October in Colorado that is free to the schools.
  • In 2015, FR BEST hosted 12 teams from Douglas, Arapahoe, and Jefferson County.
About BEST Robotics, Inc.
  • BEST is a program designed to encourage youth in engineering, science and technology through a sports-like contest in which local middle and high school students design and build a remote-controlled robot. Education and industry professionals volunteer as mentors, providing professional expertise in the design and construction processes. To simulate a “real world” business and engineering environment, some restrictions include:​
    • Short development time (six weeks)
    • Limited components (identical materials provided)
    • Specific design requirements (size, weight, etc.)
  • The BEST program goals are intended to inspire students towards careers in engineering, science and technology, by showing that it can be fun and exciting. These are accomplished through local “hub” competitions, of which Front Range BEST is one of 51 hubs in 18 states.  In 2013 over 50 middle and high schools and more than 18,000 students participates in the competitions throughout the United States. This is a map of BEST hubs http://best.eng.auburn.edu/b_best_hubs.php
  • Starting in 2012 there are four regional competitions in November/December with the top teams competing at Texas BEST hosted by University of Texas at Dallas, South’s BEST hosted by Auburn University, Frontier Trails BEST hosted by the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith, and Northern Plains BEST hosted by North Dakota State University in Fargo.
  • The BEST program receives vital support from school administrators and local businesses. Financial support is received from both individuals and industry.
  • Auburn University is the host organization of BEST Robotics, Inc.
  • Visit the BEST Robotics, Inc. website at www.bestinc.org