​​​Build a robot in EIGHT weeks,

inspire a youth for a lifetime!

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​​​​​​​​  BEST Events 2024 


Kickoff - TBD

​Practice Day - TBD

Game Day - TBD

Denver Regional -TBD


 I had a lot of fun and it was very fulfilling creating something that functioned and moved. I would highly recommend it to both students and adults!

- Team Building Workshop Participant

Team Building Workshop

Would you like to experience what a BEST team does? Here is your chance! 

  • Front Range BEST hosts a limited number of Team Building Workshops between December and May. 
  • We Provide robot building materials, tools, and training so YOU and YOUR TEAM can build a mini robot in one day!
  • For more information, please email: Tami.Kirkland  (at) FrontRangeBEST.org